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Visual Studio Solution

Topics: ASP.NET C#, Visual studio
Mar 6, 2009 at 10:39 AM
What is your recommendation in order to start developing "Publech Content" in an effective way?
Mar 12, 2009 at 11:49 AM

Download the source zip and open the solution file. This will open Visual Studio with all the code for Publech Content.


There are three main key objects Client, Category and Article.



is the main object for handling users of Publech.



Is the main start of content structure and navigation menus



Is the main object for handling text content in Publech.

Articles is structured under Categories and therefore shown when selecting a category in navigation menu.


The object and database model of Publech is make relations between different objects and not making redundant data.


The creator of an Article is stored with a Id.

With that id you can use GetItem on a Client to get the user information like name, email, phone ….


It is the same with Articles And Categories.

To show an Article on one or more Categories

A relation is made connecting ArticleId to CategoryId

You then get an article object that can be displayed on many Categories


One program philosophy that is good to keep in mind is when you want to get something you get it from the object where you are and not the object you want.



You have a Client and want to see the groups the client is a member of.

Then you can use a Client.GetGroups() method to get the groups.

And then if you want to work with one of the group you use the Group Object and do GetItem(id) with one id from the  Client.GetGroups() method.

And if you want to get all Clients in a group then you are in the Group objet and use the Group.GetClients() method to get the clients.