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UI issues

Topics: ASP.NET C#, css, GUI, html, Visual studio
Mar 6, 2009 at 10:42 AM
Is it easy to configure the grafical user interface of Publech? Where should we start?
Mar 12, 2009 at 10:37 AM
You can edit the default theme or you can create one or more new themes.
Themeable folders are
    Stylesheet folder
    Image folder

Under these folders you find folders named _default and _hicon these are the theme folders where _default is the default theme and _hicon is a high contrast theme.

To change the default theme simply just change images and stylesheets in the two _default folders.

To create a new selectable theme copy the two _default folders and change them to a new name ex _mytheme (the folders must have the same name).
Edit the images and stylesheets in your theme folder.
When you are done open the this file adminroot/_webspecific/installedThemes.xml
Add a new theme tag
 <ThemeName>My cool publech theme</ThemeName>

Save the xml file and open Publech admin/intranet

Under user settings (icon in the top) you can select your new theme.
Select your new theme and click save button.

Now you should create a theme image by taking a screen shot and crop it nicely in a image editor (or use Copper which is a great program for this)

Resize the image to about w 145 / h 88.

Save the file as theme-thumb.gif to your _img/[themefolder]

Now you are done with making your own theme and making it selectable to other users. 

If you which to change the default theme for all users who have not selected a theme under user settings you can do this in web.config
<add key="Publech.DefaultTheme" value="_default" />
ex to change it to
<add key="Publech.DefaultTheme" value="_mytheme" />